Age: 27

Birthday : September 9th 1994

Located and from:  Coatesville, PA 

Who inspired him to do music?  Jay-Z , Drake, PnB Rock, Meek Mill 

Who would he like to collab with? PnB Rock, Drake 

Growing up loving music at a young age. I love to create a vibe that will have everyone feeling good no negative energy.  Vior tells his life story through rap with a clear delivery. Vior shows his strengths by adapting to many different sounding beats. He takes pride in his tracks spending much time examining the tracks as a perfectionist. He is fearless and willing to lay it all out there. Vior comes from a small town known as Coatesville located in Pennsylvania and is ready to put his city on the map. Although Vior comes from a small town he doesn’t suffer from small town syndrome his thoughts are much larger with his worldwide thought process.   Vior has worked with well known producers Marvlus  and Chef Pasquale (Pnb Rock producers). Vior plans to keep the vibes coming with his versatility, real life situations, and melodic flows.